It is the bark of a long-lived cork oak that is
peeled from the tree and the tree will form
a new one in time. The bark obtained in this way
is used for the production, in our case the surface
of the KORKIN notepad and the KORK pen.



Wood is one of the oldest used natural raw
materials. Its products are natural and pleasant
to use. The catalog includes wooden crayons
and graphite pencils. Additionally, the wooden
clip can be found on the new model NUKAK.



Corn PLA is a natural plastic substitute made
from the starch of a fermented plant. It is
an ecological resource and a biodegradable
alternative to petroleum products. This year’s
novelty MARCI is made of PLA material.



Evergreen, the fastest growing plant with
low demand on water and fertilizers. It is
very fl exible and naturally antibacterial.
Its products are unique in their natural
structure and the possibility of combination
with other materials makes bamboo material
preferable. On the following pages there is
a collection of bamboo pens, sets and blocks
                                                                                                RIVET, TURAL, BORGO, BAMBOO and the ruler
                                                                                                RIGHE. New models made of bamboo are
                                                                                                the LESNA and NUKAK pens.