Recycling coffee grounds and waste in coffee
production is also a variant of waste recycle.
The mass obtained is added to the mixture
with plastic in a ratio of 40:60 and an interesting
structure of the material is created, which
is also used for the COFFI ballpoint pen.



the material is made of 45% ground limestone
and 55% plastic. This creates an interesting
durable material, which you will find on
the new pen MINERA.




It is used similarly to straw, the waste from
the production of bamboo products is
crushed and added to the mixture with PP
or ABS plastic. The new FIBRE is made of this
composite material.



Straw stalk is a by-product of growing grain.
The combination of ABS or PP plastic and up
to 60% of crushed straw fibers creates
a lighter material with similarly usable proper-
ties as waste material for production. MALA,
AVENA, VENDI pens and accessories of CARTI
pens are made of straw.