Our Brands

Pen Master

In 2015 we launched the Penmaster sales initiative, which includes exclusive printed catalogues with customisable cover options, as well as a virtual catalogue with a personalised cover page and contact info. Furthermore, our no-name deals on www.penmaster.eu will give our partners additional features to customise the products from our portfolio. We believe that this service will be appreciate on the B2B market market and will help our partners to grow their businesses.

Drawing on our extensive experience in the pen industry, in 2013 Adore decided to develop a unique and innovative design for a selection of pens. We proudly launched the Gabrielis range, identifiable by its distinct “][” symbol on the clip. In 2014, the first of its kind, RUFUS was released, followed by SFERA, TUBLA, CELESTE, ELEGA, ERBA and COLO. Gift sets come complete with an eye-catching original cover. Showcasing our commitment to quality and creativity, Gabrielis is now on display at www.gabrielis.cz.


For a better orientation in the wide product range; we created  new product lines:

This collection consists of selected pens with non-standard designs. Our patented FIROL pen was created through a collaborative effort with a renowned design studio in Shanghai, providing you with a writing experience unlike any other. Get your hands on this one-of-a-kind collection today and make a statement with your writing.

Evergreen includes pens with a timeless design, which we have had on offer for more than 10 years. Yet they still have not lost any of their charm and popularity.