Company history

Adore s.r.o. was founded in 2002 as a provider of office supplies. The market of promotional products evolved slowly, however through dedicated efforts we enabled our debut with a stationary catalogue, which was published in 2004 in cooperation with a Slovakian partner.

The first “established” catalogue was published by ourselves in 2007, which is also the year we became PSI members. Our E-shop was launched under , in 2011 with an aim to simplify ordering for our Czech customers. The same year we implemented a new ERP System “Altus Vario”, which has been updated and is still in use.

To make our offer more unique, we introduced the models FIROL and RENZA, which we patented in 2013. These pens were the first of their kind, in addition the following year we released models like SALA and RANE. In 2014 we started offering custom manufacturing to meet the growing needs of customers, and to broaden the customer base the catalogue was also released in the English and German language. We had further exiting changes in 2015 with the introduction of the brands PENMASTER and GABR][ELIS, along with our new website with E-shop and warehouse status monitoring.

The history and evolution of Adore s.r.o. is probably shown best in the catalogues we publish every spring. Let’s see how time passed:

2019 - Present

  • Catalog thematically focused on writing
  • Double page dedicated to the history of writing technology
  • An example of a new book by Ivona Březinová, "To si piš"
  • Known books or events related to books at each page number
  • Wide range of products - ReUSE-ReDUCE-ReCYCLE collection
  • Czech-English catalog version
  • 140 pages


  • Catalog with the motto "We are going with you"
  • New, bigger format 22x30 cm
  • Layout drawings with the most used print positions
  • New accessories for writing (notepads, notebooks)
  • 136 pages


  • Presentation of the GABRIELIS Foundation
  • Motiv: supporting of the nonprofit projects
  • Personalities enhancing individual pillars of projects
  • Project - the ballpoint pen that helps
  • Extend the index for more information
  • 128 pages


  • Catalogue was inspired by W.A. Mozart’s A-major harmony concert
  • Full-page illustrations of pens with musical instruments
  • Presenting the new GABR][ELIS brand on the market
  • New product lines: Design and Evergreen
  • Broadening the offer of custom production
  • 124 pages


  • Catalogue with self-painted motifs drawn with our pens
  • Full-page illustrations of selected novelties
  • Innovative pens SALA, RANE
  • Offer of custom manufacturing (FIROL COMBINATION, BANNER PENS)
  • Issuing catalog also in English / German version
  • 112 pages


  • Catalogue with a technical touch and a successful full-page illustrations
  • New Patented Pens FIROL and RENZA
  • Expansion of product parameters
  • 104 pages


  • Full-page illustrations separating the four captive elements
  • 94 pages


  • Full-page separating illustrations in the theme of pens and flowers
  • Naming and renumbering items
  • 92 pages
  • Launching e-shop
  • New ERP system Altus Vario


  • Full-page separator illustrations combining the materials of the pens
  • Recommended printing size in addition
  • Expanded with a table of contents
  • 86 pages


  • Catalogue
  • Choice of custom colours for selected pens
  • Extension of the colours of metal pens A131 ALBA to 11 colors
  • Adding icons indicating the material of metal pens
  • 78 pages


  • Catalogue "Optical illusion"
  • Adding icons for refills
  • 72 pages


  • The first "big" catalogue
  • Icons of Product and printing options added
  • 72 pages


  • Catalogue (V1 binding)
  • Our first own catalog
  • The base prices printed in the catalogue
  • 38 pages


  • Catalogue - together with Slovakian partner
  • 38 pages


  • Catalogue - together with Slovakian partner
  • 30 pages