Company History

The history and evolution of Adore s.r.o. is probably shown best in the catalogues we publish every spring.

Let's recap how time has passed:


2023 - present

  • Motto "The WORLD is hidden in the ball…of promotional pens"
  • Detailed macrophotography of materials from the "SAVE THE NATURE" collection
  • New ecological products made from recycled steel and recycled milk cartons
  • Selected pens with semigel ink
  • Detailed examples of labeling technologies with a recommendation for optimal selection
  • Rotary Screen Printing available for selected pens
  • Overview of the Gabrielis Charity Fund activities
  • Languages: Czech, English, German
  • 144 pages


  • New overview of materials for the Save the Nature Collection
  • Visualization of stickers for alternative materials that can be used on pen boxes
  • New products from recycled leather
  • New line of gel pens
  • Gift sets- notebook and pen
  • Buy and help with Adorepen : Rescue of Pangolins and Slow Lorises
  • Overview of the Gabrielis Charity Fund activities
  • Languages: Czech, English, German
  • 144 pages


  • Save the Nature Collection: overview of the new alternative materials
  • Expanding our Designer Pens Collection with new shapes
  • Mix the colours of your Republica and Firol pens!
  • New project of the Gabrielis Charity Fund: Rescue of Pangolins
  • Languages: Czech, English
  • 144 pages


  • Catalogue released on the occasion of the PSI Trade Fair in Düsseldorf
  • Main source of inspiration- nature was also reflected in the exhibition presentation
  • New products from alternative materials - the ReUSE-ReDUCE-ReCYCLE collection
  • Inovating the Republica pen with the possibility of further combinations
  • More specific information about the activities of the Gabrielis Charity Fund
  • Languages: Czech, English
  • 144 pages


  • Catalogue thematically focused on writing
  • Double page dedicated to the history of writing technology
  • An example of a new book by Ivona Březinová, "To si piš"
  • Known books or events related to books at each page number
  • Wide range of products - ReUSE-ReDUCE-ReCYCLE collection
  • Languages: Czech, English
  • 140 pages


  • Catalog with the motto "We are going with you"
  • New, bigger format 22x30 cm
  • Layout drawings with the most used print positions
  • New accessories for writing (notepads, notebooks)
  • 136 pages


  • Presentation of the GABRIELIS Foundation
  • Motiv: supporting of the nonprofit projects
  • Personalities enhancing individual pillars of projects
  • Project - the ballpoint pen that helps
  • Extend the index for more information
  • 128 pages


  • Catalogue was inspired by W.A. Mozart’s A-major harmony concert
  • Full-page illustrations of pens with musical instruments
  • Presenting the new GABR][ELIS brand on the market
  • New product lines: Design and Evergreen
  • Broadening the offer of custom production
  • 124 pages


  • Catalogue with self-painted motifs drawn with our pens
  • Full-page illustrations of selected novelties
  • Innovative pens SALA, RANE
  • Offer of custom manufacturing (FIROL COMBINATION, BANNER PENS)
  • Issuing catalog also in English / German version
  • 112 pages


  • Catalogue with a technical touch and a successful full-page illustrations
  • New Patented Pens FIROL and RENZA
  • Expansion of product parameters
  • 104 pages


  • Full-page illustrations separating the four captive elements
  • 94 pages


  • Full-page separating illustrations in the theme of pens and flowers
  • Naming and renumbering items
  • 92 pages
  • Launching e-shop
  • New ERP system Altus Vario


  • Full-page separator illustrations combining the materials of the pens
  • Recommended printing size in addition
  • Expanded with a table of contents
  • 86 pages


  • Catalogue
  • Choice of custom colours for selected pens
  • Extension of the colours of metal pens A131 ALBA to 11 colors
  • Adding icons indicating the material of metal pens
  • 78 pages


  • Catalogue "Optical illusion"
  • Adding icons for refills
  • 72 pages


  • The first "big" catalogue
  • Icons of Product and printing options added
  • 72 pages


  • Catalogue (V1 binding)
  • Our first own catalog
  • The base prices printed in the catalogue
  • 38 pages


  • Catalogue - together with Slovakian partner
  • 38 pages


  • Catalogue - together with Slovakian partner
  • 30 pages