Labeling Technologies

We offer a full range of labeling services on our products.


Pad printing is one of the most frequently used labeling methods. It serves the branding of plastic, leather, artificial leather, wood, and metal products. The logo is burned onto a polymer plate, called the “cliché“ which is then developed. The paint is transferred from the “cliché“ to a silicon-based pad, which is then used to print the object. Due to the flexibility of the silicon pad, slightly curved, cylindrical surfaces can be printed on as well.


Laser engraving is a procedure where the pattern is burned onto a metallic material. The laser beam is precise even for small logos, as the computer controlled process ensures a perfect result and the highest accuracy. 
The engraving color depends on the material of the surface. Engraving results for aluminum pens are silver-white, for copper pens yellow and for stainless steel pens grey colour.

Ukázka epoxy logo


The logo is printed in colour (CMYK) on a sticker, which is covered by a see-through synthetic resin that creates a 3D effect on the surface. Templates are available for a range of our pens that can be labeled with this technology, to ensure the best visibility of your logo.


With digital UV technology almost any surface can be printed on. Utilizing both raster and vector motifs and logos. A further advantage of this technology is that it is capable of printing in white as well. As the ink used here polymerizes in UV light, it adheres to almost any kind of material, however it can only be used on flat surfaces.



Rotary screen print is the perfect way to make a statement with the company logo, displaying it all over the pen, or by adding some decorative ornaments. The process involves printing a design on a cylindrical screen or mesh, which is then rotated over the pen in order to apply the design. This creates a sharp and precise design that is highly visible and instantly recognizable.