ReBRAND 2023

ADO | Innovation and Change of Corporate Identity as a Step Towards Modernization and Expansion

As part of the celebrations marking the company's 20th anniversary, we are introducing a new corporate identity under the ADO brand. This strategic shift is essential for easier and more modern communication with our business partners as it reflects the company's ambitions and openness in the B2B market. The new ADO brand embodies fresh energy while building on the company's longstanding successful tradition of providing quality products and services.

As a well-established company, we strive to adapt to the modern needs of the market and to the omnipresent digitization. Our goal is to keep providing our customers with the best possible solutions in the future. We closely monitor market trends and evaluate their potential to be able to respond promptly.

We are continuously strengthening our product portfolio and the range of our services, and we provide assistance and expertise to our partners based on our extensive experience. Our team is ready to listen to the needs of our clients, embrace new ideas, and propose effective solutions.

We want to further develop successful collaborations with partners – openness and fairness in our relationship with business partners are crucial to us.

ADO – Ambition, Dynamism, and Openness

ADO is not just an acronym for the original name Adore.

It is also an abbreviation for three keywords that identify us – ambition, dynamism, and openness. Each word carries profound meaning and precisely expresses the values and principles with which we are entering a new era of our company.



Ambition inspires us to constantly seek new challenges and expand our presence on the market. We are determined to become a leader in the sale of promotional pens in the domestic market and gradually grow internationally. To achieve this, we keep expanding our product range and simultaneously developing our own product line, "Bohemia," which reflects the current needs of the European market.

"Ambition gives us the energy and motivation to improve and achieve our goals."



Dynamism is the essence of our continuous development. We believe that success in the ever evolving and highly competitive business environment requires reacting quickly and efficiently. Since the beginning, we have considered ourselves a highly flexible company. This allows us to offer the latest trends and technologies, accommodating our partners to the fullest extent possible.

"Dynamic energy drives us to enhance our standing in innovation and the development of services for our partners. We always want to stay one step ahead of the competition."



Another fundamental principle for us is openness. Our company emphasizes fair collaboration with business partners.  We listen to their needs and offer transparent terms of cooperation. We actively support communities within the non-profit sector, thus strengthening long-term and mutually beneficial relationships.

"We believe that openness and trust are the foundation of successful collaboration."


The new name, ADO, accurately reflects our vision and values, which are very important to us.

We are an ambitious, dynamic, and open company that passionately engages in the promotional pen industry, primarily focusing on fairness. We take pride in not only addressing our customers with the quality of our products and services but also with a personal approach they can rely on.

As part of this significant milestone in the company's history, we would like to thank all our existing partners for their support and trust. We are excited to continue moving forward with you, bringing high-quality and innovative products and services to the market.

Let's embrace new challenges and opportunities together!

Gabriel Izsák
Owner of the Company