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Save the Pangolins

In 2019, the pangolin, an evolutionarily unique mammal, was selected as a visual symbol of the PANGO pen in the PenMaster catalog. In 2021, the Gabrielis Foundation started building on this step and decided to join partners of the project for the conservation of pangolins in Sumatra.

A new conservation program to protect unique scaly mammals – pangolins – has been launched on the Indonesian island of Sumatra by Czech conservationists. Due to the demand for their scales and meat, pangolins are currently the world‘s most trafficked mammals. Trenggiling Conservation Program focuses on the critically endangered species of Sunda pangolin. A rescue and rehabilitation centre for confiscated pangolins has been built in order to allow for releasing them back into the wild.

DO YOU WANT TO SUPPORT THE CONSERVATION OF PANGOLINS? By purchasing a Fibre and Minera pen, you will support the rescue of pangolins by 0,02 € of each bought pen.





More Information about the project http://WWW.TRENGGILING.ORG 


The Kukang Rescue

In 2022 the Gabrielis Foundation decided to expand its support to a group of Czech experts on a mission to save endangered species in Sumatra and to fight against illegal trade of those species. Thus, we made a project to save lori a part of our program.

The Kukang Rescue Program protects slow lorises and other endangered wild animals in Indonesia from poaching and illegal trade. It has built a rescue and rehabilitation centre for slow lorises in Sumatra, educates the locals, and actively supports their sustainable development. As the people living in the area grow coffee, in 2018 the Kukang Coffee project saw the light of day. Within this project, The Kukang Rescue Program is helping local farmers with the best possible, nature-friendly method of producing coffee beans, which the program then buys from them at a fair price - higher than the local market. In exchange, however, farmers gathered in the Kukang Coffee community must contractually comply with the ban on hunting protected species. The Kukang Coff ee project is supervised by a trained three-member Indonesian team composed of now-former poachers, who have become passionate conservationists. 

DO YOU WANT TO SUPPORT THE CONSERVATION OF SLOW LORISES? By purchasing a Bottli and Coffi pen, you will support the conservation of slow lorises by 0,02 € of each bought pen. 




More information about the project WWW.KUKANG.ORG